1982 Hiwatt DR504

This is a vintage 1982 HIWATT DR504 electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 15768, is in very excellent 100% all original condition! Made in the Surbiton facility, this Biacrown era 50w Hiwatt head has a final test date of “28/8/82” (August 28, 1982). One of the absolute best sounding amp heads from the modern era, post-’81 Hiwatt heads represent an incredible bang-for-your-buck bargain.

Completely original and intact, this 30+ year old example even retains all of the original English made tubes, including; a duet of EL34s and (4) ECC83s. It is in very excellent all original cosmetic condition, and sounds remarkable. Quite similar to it’s predecessors made in the Kingston factory, this ’80s Hiwatt better exemplifies the sound and tone of those made in the early ’70s. Thankfully, the master volume control allows high gain to be achieved at lower volumes.