1982 Gleeman Pentaphonic Synth

This is a vintage 1982 Gleeman Pentaphonic analog synth with original owner’s manual. I purchased this particular example, serial number 8110047, from the original owner. It remains in near mint all original condition and works perfectly. Several original key bushings had fatigued, so I had them all professionally replaced, which resulted in level keys with more sensitive action. The unit is otherwise 100% original.

The Gleeman Pentaphonic is a five-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer produced in extremely limited quantities (approximately 75 total, including 50 black ad 20+ clear) during 1982. It was designed by brothers Al and Bob Gleeman and featured three DCOs for a stable and juicy analog sound. The Pentaphonic was designed to compete against such classics as; the Sequential Prophet-5, Moog Minimoog and Polymoog, and the Oberheim 4-Voice.

In addition to three oscillators per voice, the Pentaphonic has a four-pole lowpass resonant filter with an ADSR envelope, a VCA with ADSR, an LFO, and built-in chorusing (slow or fast). There is also a handy 300-note capacity sequencer on-board for simple real-time recordings that you can play along with. There’s also a cool X/Y joystick for controlling pitch and mod effects. Some models, such as this one, also had a Presetter added which gave it 100 patch memories and eight digital waveforms.