1982 Fender Jazzmaster

Here is a vintage 1982 Fender Jazzmaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number S800746, is the Last Fender Jazzmaster of the original Fullerton production period, which began in 1958 and spanned an incredibly rich 24 year-long heritage. This historically important museum piece was recently purchased from the gentleman who acquired it directly from a Fender employee the same year it was made. It was never played, and remains in 100% all original mint condition. Just as the last production cars of any particular make or model have been known to realize a fetching amount at auction, the importance and anomalous nature of this last Jazzmaster is more interesting, more significant, with the opportunity to become even more so as the Jazzmaster story evolves. It is difficult to establish a value for this incredible one-of-a-kind example, but at this price, it is a bargain. Jazzmaster enthusiasts, Fender collectors, and those who can afford to purchase bragging rights should seriously consider buying this special guitar, because unless the next owner decides to sell it for more, nothing like it will become available again.

There are incredible parallels between the first Jazzmaster to appear on the 1958 Fender catalog, and this final production example. While most of us are familiar with the coveted anodized gold guard examples, not everyone is aware that the very first ones featured a black anodized pickguard, similar in appearance to the laminated plastic pickguard found on late-70’s Jazzmasters. But unlike the bound necks with block inlays featured on all post-’66 Jazzmasters, this last production example features an unbound neck with a rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays… just like the first ones. (It is important to note that there is no evidence of another Jazzmaster from this era to feature such a neck.) Similarly, both share a dramatic sunburst finish, chrome parts, and an assortment of both black and white colored plastic parts.

Serial Number: S800746 (’78)
Potentiometer Codes: 1377616, 137-7901 (CTS, ’76, ’79)
Neck Date Stamp: 2 24 82 (’82)
Pickup Date Stamp: 16497
Weight: 10 lbs. 2 oz.

This striking guitar features: an attractive Ash body with a bold 3-tone polyurethane sunburst finish, a maple neck with cap Rosewood fingerboard and dot inlays, large single-coil gray bobbin pickups, Schaller-made F-tuners, a 3-ply (b/w/b) plastic pickguard, a chrome bridge cover, and an original tremolo arm.

According to the previous so-cal owner, this guitar was acquired from a Fender employee in 1982, who had always had a special affinity for Jazzmasters during his entire tenure at Fender. The day he stopped working at Fender, this was the guitar he was given: The Last Jazzmaster. The previous (second) owner was a wealthy friend who made him an offer he couldn’t refuse, and he had it ever since. Given the original owner’s number, we attempted to corroborate and verify the story, but we were unable to contact the aforementioned Fender employee. We suggested that the case was not original, but the previous owner said that Fender had since run out of Jazzmaster cases, and this was the case the employee was given with the instrument.

Late-70’s Fenders are somewhat anomalous to begin with, in that, most of the late-’70s decals ended up on early 1980s instruments. Particularly true of Strats, it is very common to see a 3-4 year difference span between pots, decals, pickups stamps, neck dates, and neck pocket stamps. In part because this guitar was finished almost 4 years after Jazzmaster production was supposedly ceased, but also because it was the mode of operation during the period, this Jazzmaster has: one pot from ’76, one pot from ’79, pickups from ‘7?, a decal from ’78, with a final neck date of ’82. Irregular but not that uncommon, it actually conforms with most instruments from the era, with the exception that the neck was stamped 2 years after the Jazzmaster had believed to have been discontinued.

This beyond rare guitar is quite the find, quite certainly the last Jazzmaster ever made!