1982 Roland Jupiter 8

Here’s a vintage 1982 Roland Jupiter-8 JP-8 analog synthesizer. This particular example, serial number 161538, is in very excellent all original condition. The Jupiter-8 is not just the top-of-the-line model from the illustrious Roland Jupiter series, rather, it is one of the most incredible sounding analog synths ever made. With 16 analog oscillators, 2 per voice, and incredible 8-voice polyphony, the Jupiter-8 is capable of producing some extraordinarily rich sounds. Recently purchased from the family of the original owner, this synth remained in a climate-controlled studio since purchased new, and was serviced to incorporate a very useful MIDI upgrade.

This first generation Jupiter-8 features the original 12 -bit D/A converter. For those who prefer the scaled down Jupiter 6 for it’s MIDI implementation, this particular example has been outfitted for MIDI use! With an original list price of $5295 in 1981, this serious synth would cost an equivalent of $15,000.00 today. Used by a veritable who’s who of the recording industry, the Roland Jupiter-8 is a classic example of an instrument most everyone has heard on hundreds of famous of recording whether they realize it or not.

Jupiter8, JP8