1981 Marshall JMP 2204 50W

Here’s a vintage 1981 Marshall JMP 2204 50w electric guitar amplifier head. This particular Canadian export example, serial number 04762N, is in very excellent condition, and features additional instructions printed in French for the limited French Canadian market. Interestingly, this example is nearly identical to its equally rare Canadian export JCM 800 successor, which shares; the vertical inputs, the metal power and standby toggle switches, the metal badge around the variable transformer, and the aforementioned French language labeling.

Serial Number: 04762N
Transformer Codes: 1202-304/1, 783-257/1
Test Date: 22-10-81 (Oct. 22 1981)

This ’81 Marshall JMP 2204 50w utilizes: (2) EL34 and (3) ECC83 tubes, as well as, all original transformers. Serviced by a real pro, Eric Bailey of Voodoo Amps, it had the tubes replaced and (2) caps upgraded. It now sounds incredible, and will seriously give the best Marshall a run for its money.

As can be seen, all of the knobs are original, however, two of the metal caps are missing.