1981 Fender Precision Bass

This is a near mint 100% all original 1981 Fender Precision Bass. This particular example, serial number S904592, features a rather attractive Sienna sunburst finish over a gorgeous Ash body. This fine P Bass is being offered with the original case and both original chrome covers.

Fairly common with regard to transitional instruments produced during the early 1980s, this bass features a 1979 serial number/decal, yet also features; a 1980s white pickguard, white pickup covers, an early 80s era Sienna burst finish, and pots with a 1981 date code (1378106, 13781111).

Since the bass was barely used, and remained in its original case for almost 30 years, the condition of this Fullerton-made bass is absolutely pristine. With the slightest of shop wear, (i.e. a couple smudges, and microscopic dings) this bass exhibits the cosmetic appearance of one made only a week ago. With no evidence of fading, weather-checking, or playing wear, it might be near impossible to find one in better condition.

The neck is perfectly straight, and the truss rod appears to have never been adjusted. It became evident that during the course of disassembling the bass for internal photos that the screws had never been removed. The neck had never been taken off either, and when it was, it was nearly impossible to dislocate. Of the (2) original neck shims, one was stuck to the body, and the other was affixed to the neck. All of the solder joints are original and unmolested, including the ground wire to the body.

The bass plays and sounds great, and looks even better. The action is fantastically low, and the neck profile is very comfortable. The pickups sound great, and the bass weighs an average 9 lbs. and 12 oz. The original black vinyl case is also extremely clean, although one latch hinge has broken off.