1980s Yamaha CP-60M

This is a vintage 1980s Yamaha CP-60M acoustic/electric portable piano. This particular example, serial number 2405, is in very nice all original condition and includes the original power adapter! Introduced in 1984, the CP-60M was a more compact keyboard than it’s CP-70 predecessor, was housed in a protective armor-like shell, and featured MIDI, a full electric EQ and vibrato. The CP-60M is the ultimate stage piano and is equipped with independent piezo-electric pickups for each string and sounds absolutely incredible. Quite possibly one of the rarest acoustic/electric pianos, the CP-60M was only produced for a very short time, as Yamaha started producing lower priced digital pianos toward the end of the ’80s. What’s even more rare is to find a CP-60M with it’s original power adapter!

This example has been modified to bypass the original active electronics and is currently set up for a passive output.