1980s PPG Wave 2.2

This is an incredibly rare and absolutely fantastic sounding 1980s PPG Wave 2.2 digital/analog hybrid synth. This extremely rare synth, serial number 01322, was made in Germany by Palm Products GmbH and is regarded as being one of the finest synths to incorporate digital samples controlled by an analog interface. The Wave 2.2 is considerably more rare than its Wave 2.3 successor, and though they appear to be similar, are actually quite different. Synth enthusiasts and keyboard connoisseurs alike will both recognize just how rare this synth is, as very few of these units were manufactured. Recently serviced by the tech whom originally serviced and imported these in the ’80s, Ed Miller, this synth works perfectly and is studio ready!

This PPG Wave 2.2 incorporates digital samples of wavetables while utilizing analog VCA, as well as analog VCF sections. The Wave 2.2 also features; an oscillator capable of generating over 2,000 single-cycle 8-bit analog waveforms, a digital control panel with a more complex editor than previous versions, MIDI implementation, and an 8-track sequencer utilizing pitch automation, loudness, filter cutoff, waveforms and much more.

Originally inspected by PPG authorized service technician Ed Miller of syntheisizerrepair.com when first imported, this synth includes a complementary service and clean bill of health from Miller himself. Used by David Bowie, Depeche Mode, Stevie Wonder, and an ever-expanding list comprised of the best recording artists of all time, this is a magnificent instrument is worthy of the best studios, as well as, the ownership of even the most accomplished synth collectors.