1980s Fender Esquire Prototype Neck

This is a vintage late-1970’s/early-1980’s Fender Esquire electric guitar neck. Purchased from the estate ex-Fender Vice President Mudge Miller (a long-time and involved employee), the circumstances surrounding this neck are unknown. It appears to be an early Smith-era Strat-style neck and headstock profile, however, the original spaghetti logo decal indicates it to be an “Esquire.” It has an un intelligible “X” number stamped on the bottom of the neck, which has been traditionally associated with prototypes and experimental instruments. The pre-drilled tuning machine holes were factory-filled prior to being finished, and the neck was then outfitted for the Sperzel machines installed at the Fullerton factory. This one-of-a-kind part was unearthed with many other prototypical pieces circa ’77. There is no way to determine the exact year, but it appears to be a product of Fender’s early ’80s work.