1980 Moog Minimoog Model D (Norlin)

This is a vintage 1980 Moog Minimoog Model D by Norlin/Moog Music. This late-production Minimoog, serial number 12838, is in very excellent cosmetic shape, and perfect working condition. This beautiful example is in 100% all original condition, with absolutely no modifications, no repairs, and no restoration. Without a doubt one of the nicest examples you will find, this synth also includes a genuine vintage Anvil case.

Perhaps most importantly, this is the best sounding Minimmog we have ever owned. For whatever reason, this Mini sounded considerably better than two others we previously sold this year. All keys, rocker switches, knobs/dials, and lights works flawlessly. While producing a famously rich texture and grit, this synth exhibits pronounced clarity and presence: above and beyond that of most. Resultantly, this example is well-balanced, strong, full-range, and perfect for recording.

The cabinet is in near pristine condition, with expected scratches and dings. The control panel is perfect, as are the keys. The Anvil case was recently re-foamed by Anvil.

This particular Minimoog was purchased from the original owner, and it has an interesting story. The original owner was in a New York-based band, which toured from the late-70s to early-80s performing live demonstrations of Norlin music products. Although mostly a guitar player, the Norlin staff suggested he take a small and accessible Minimoog for the Australia/New Zealand tour. They tried over 20 Minimoogs, and picked the best one. They gave him an Anvil case with a Moog logo and he used it for around 15 live performances. Upon returning home to New York, he decided to keep it, and was able to purchase it at dealer’s cost. He never ended up using it much, and it remained in the Anvil case for nearly 30 years, until we purchased it several months ago.