1980 MCI B300 Guitorgan

Here’s a vintage 1980 MCI B300 Guitorgan semi-hollowbody electric organ guitar. This particular example, serial number 1394, is in very excellent all original condition and includes the original hard shell case, the original volume pedal/power supply, and (2) original instrument cables! Teaming up with Baldwin, inventor Bob Murrell debuted his first Guitorgan at the NAMM show in 1967, and production continued through the ’80s. By re-appropriating the Univox Effie, which was inspired by the Gibson ES-335, and using it as the foundation upon which an incredibly complex circuit with corresponding electronics and fret contacts were installed, the absolutely unique instrument became a guitar and an organ… a guitorgan. With less than 3,000 total units produced, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to find an example this nice in working condition.

This ’80 Musiconics International (MCI) Guitorgan features: an ES-335 lawsuit-era body style produced by Univox, laminated maple top/back/sides, a 2-piece maple neck, a bound rosewood fingerboard with split block inlays, an adjustable chrome bridge and “MCI” harp tailpiece, (2) Hofner style humbucking pickups, 5 organ style octave sliders, 3 sound presets (flute, accordion, and vibraphone), 4 built-in effects options (percussion, sustain, vibrato, octave), the original volume pedal power supply, and the original hard shell case.

This guitorgan was recently serviced but since there are several weak and non-responsive fret contacts, it only works about 80% successfully. With a little more energy, it could easily be restored to perfect working condition, as it has never been altered or modified in any way.