1980 B.C. Rico RW-7

For sale is this vintage 1980 B.C. Rico RW-7 flat top acoustic guitar. Made in the Morris Japan factory for Bernardo Rico’s company B.C. Rich, this particular example, serial number 801142, is in very nice all original condition! Interestingly, when referencing several of the original B.C. Rico acoustic advertisements, this exact guitar looks to be the one used, however, upon very very close comparison, the unique grain of headstock veneer grain deviates by the slightest bit, which means that this guitar was constructed using the connecting wood to that used for the RW-7 in the advertisement, and that the two are most likely sequential in production. This exotic MIJ acoustic was produced during the golden era of high-quality Japanese instrument production with both superior craftsmanship and high-grade materials, so instead of buying a lesser concurrent era Martin or Gibson, save some money, get a better instrument, and buy this B.C. Rico RW-7 acoustic.

This ’80 B.C. Rico RW-7 is in very nice 100% all original condition with absolutely no originality nor structural issues, and features: a solid spruce top with herringbone purfling and soundhole inlay, the original natural finish, bound Brazilian rosewood sides and 3-piece back, a mahogany neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard, abalone cloud position markers, Brazilian rosewood headstock overlay with abalone “B.C. Rico” inlayed logo, rosewood bridge with abstract diamond inlay, and Schaller “R” tuning machines.

With some headstock wear along the bottom edge, several random top dings, and some finish fogging along the top bouts result of manufacturing techniques, this guitar is in nice all original condition. In nice enough condition to be considered a collector’s quality piece, but with enough subtle mojo to be a serious player’s acoustic, this example is easily an 8.5/10 overall.

The guitar feels great and sounds fantastic. With balanced clarity, and prodigous projection, it offers everything your would imagine. The neck angle is perfect, the neck heel joint is solid, and the action is consistently very low all the way up passed the 12th fret, including the healthy height of the bridge saddle. Easy to play, the gutiar is incredibly enjoyable.

The guitar includes an era appropriate hard case.

Sale Price: $999