1979 PARK Vintage L.E. Amplifier (Marshall)

This is a vintage 1979 PARK Vintage L.E. 20W Tube Amp (Model 1231) guitar amplifier by Marshall. This particular example, serial number 18304, is in remarkable 100% original condition. Simple, small, seductive and sonically supreme, this PARK 20W is the ultimate recording/small gigging amp.

While somewhat elusive and mysterious, the PARK 1231 is famously renowned for large Marshall crunch, in a small practical package. With a simple schematic and straight-forward control panel, this amp produces efficient, loud, massive tone. While not the most dynamic amp, this little monster sounds gainy, compressed and distorted from 2 to 10. With that being said, this one trick pony is the best sounding small amp you’ve never heard.

Available in several different configurations, this version PARK is probably the most interesting. While others come with black vinyl exteriors, early checkered grill cloth, higher wattage speakers, or odd cabinet shapes, this variety features; a creamy Fawn tolex, black grill cloth, and a symmetrical slender cabinet. It also features; (1) 12″ Celestion G12-30 speaker, (2) EL84 power tubes, (2) 12AX7 preamp tubes, and a Marshall circuit board.

Some have speculated that the 20W PARK combos were made with earlier Marshall 20W parts, transformers, boards, etc. However, they do not sound anything like an earlier 20W. The PARK 20W sounds like a high gain JMP or JCM amp, which makes sense when considering when it was manufactured.

The amp is in incredibly fine condition. The tolex is perfectly intact with a couple of small scuffs, and the grill cloth is perfectly intact. The chassis is in excellent condition, and the control panel sticker/label does display typical stretching. The speaker cone is in perfect shape with no fatigue or voicecoil distortion. All pots and electronics work perfectly.

This amp is currently 110v and features a standard USA power cable. It also includes the original UK power cable.