1979 Park 100w 2 x 12

Here is a vintage 1979 Park Model Z558 100w 2×12″ electric guitar combo amplifier. This particular example, serial number 576, is in very excellent all original condition, and is essentially identical to the concurrent Marshall JMP 2103 combo. This extremely rare amp experienced a very limited production between 1978-1979, and has resultantly become a rather sought-after model. Amazingly attractive with the small checkerboard grill cloth, white “Park” logo, and refined small handles, the Park Z558 is much better looking than its black on black Marshall counterpart.

Serial Number: 576
Transformer Codes: C2668, T4074, 7 79

The original black Elephant tolex is in excellent shape with only a few minor small scuffs. The original “Chequerboard” grill cloth is in correspondingly excellent shape and structurally intact. All the plastic hardware ie. the Park logo, vent, and corners are all in excellent shape aside from one corner piece that exhibits an insignificant chip, that has been reattached with glue. The original casters are included and work perfectly, although one is missing a base plate, so it wobbles a bit.

This 100w Park combo utilizes: (4) EL34 and (3) ECC83 tube through original 2 x 12″ “Red Frame” Mckenzie Professional Series speakers.

Super loud, but very manageable thanks to the Master volume control, the large cabinet dimensions produce significantly enhanced bass, something the 50w Marshall combos are incapable of doing. Producing massive sound, this Park achieves the full Marshall stack experience while being 1/4 the size.