1979 MESA Boogie MK II Amp Head

This is a vintage 100% all original 1979 MESA Boogie Mark II amplifier head. This rare 100w Simul-Class example, serial number 3866, features a rare blond tolex with corresponding wheat grill cloth, and remains in excellent original cosmetic condition. This classic MESA is a particularly rare version, is in great original shape, and sounds absolutely incredible.

This MESA Mark II is extremely nice: it has never been modified, fixed, repaired, or broken. As briefly mentioned, it is all original, and still retains ALL of the original tubes. It is in perfect working condition, and all potentiometers and sliders were properly serviced with contact cleaner.

The amp sounds really great, and is quite loud. Thankfully this particular example features Simul-Class, which allows the amp to be switched between 60 or 100 watts. Additionally, the amp sports 2-channel footswitching, reverb, a fetron/12AX7 switch, and a 5-band graphic EQ.

While MESA Boogie Mark II(A)s are fairly rare to begin with, finding an amp head is increasingly more difficult. Piggyback versions were seldom featured in advertisements or catalogs, as the 1×12″ combos were more commonplace. Also, the majority of Boogies were covered with a black tolex, which makes those with a wood cabinet or cream vinyl exterior more desirable.

Perhaps the most over-built and solid amp ever produced, MESA Boogies are extremely high-quality and were destined by design to outlast the competition. While this amp is smaller than any Fender amp head ever made, keep in mind, it is about twice as loud (and heavy) than Fender’s gigantic Dual Showman Reverb.