1979 Marshall 2203 JMP Mark II

For sale is this vintage 1979 Marshall 2203 JMP Mk. 2 Master Model Lead 100w amplifier head in White with the original matching set of both the straight and slant cabinets. This incredibly rare amplifier, serial number 07199L, is best identified as resembling the model and color made famous by Randy Rhoads. In fact, Marshall recently reissued a limited edition reincarnation of his amp under the model designation 1959RR, which sold for over $3,800.00 by itself, and has since become discontinued. This single-channel two-input version is so scarce, that it is rumored a small batch was special-ordered specifically for an Aerosmith music video. A poor incomplete example of the same style head and slant cab (only) just sold for over $5,000, and finding another full stack in this condition probably isn’t possible.

This example is perhaps the finest original matching set in existence in the most attractive combination of white elephant tolex with small check grill cloth. All speakers are original to the (2) cabinets, and all components (transformers, caps, tubes) are original to the head.

Short of including optional amp covers, this is the most intact specimen possible. It remains in near mint, 100% all original condition, and sounds absolutely fantastic.