1979 Fender Jazz Bass

Here’s a vintage 1979 Fender Jazz Bass electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number S8848371 (indicated on both the headstock decal and under-pickguard sticker), is in near mint 100% all original condition, and includes the original hard shell case & keys, and matching chrome covers! With a particularly striking color scheme, this simple combo is highly attractive. Made during an era notorious for heavy and over-built instruments, the Jazz Bass seemed to escape the stigma, with an evolved look and functionality consistent with those made between 1968-1980.

Though the serial number reflects a 1978 production, the CTS potentiometer codes, 137 7933 indicate it was most likely completed in mid-1979. During this period, the black finishes became infamous for clouding, oxidizing, gassing, and basically turning a foggy light blue around the perimeter of the body, in areas affected and predisposed to this common factory error. This bass does have evidence of this odd finish-checking, but it is extremely light in comparison to most. There is a stamp on the headstock indicating this slight blemish was even documented at the factory. Since then, it appears to have never really been used, and remains in virtually near N.O.S. mint condition with no evidence of playing wear.

This bass feels fantastic, the factory original strings are actually in decent condition, the action is low, and it sounds great. It tips the scale at an average 12 lbs. Aside from superficial scratches on the pickguard, there is virtually no playing wear on the bass. The frets are in excellent shape, the neck displays no finish wear, and all of the hardware and parts are near pristine. The bass clearly includes both original covers and the original rare hard case with maroon interior. The original case keys are also included.