1979 EMS Synthi-E

Here is a vintage 1979 Electronic Music Studios (EMS) Synthi-E analog synthesizer. Experts have estimated that this incredibly rare synth was produced in limited numbers, in fact, most approximate that less than 200 were manufactured. Of those that have been documented, it is difficult to find a better example, especially such a fine specimen with the original matching DKE keyboard (serial number 7137) and original patch cables. While highly collectible Synthi-A versions are somewhat accessible, the Synthi-E is virtually E-xtinct.

The Synthi-E was designed by Tim Orr as an educational version of the Synthi that had a complete teaching course built around it for use in schools. It was intended as a teaching aid into the principles of sound synthesis and electronic music. Small, housed in a brief-case and D-battery powered, the Synthi E was perfect for the student or teacher on the go! Simple as it may appear, it actually has some sophisticated features:

-Input Amplifier with low (Microphone) and high (line) level inputs
-Envelope Follower providing a voltage proportional to the amplitude of the input
-Oscillator 1 with true exponential voltage control of frequency and three simultaneous output waveforms (sine, triangle and voltage controlled pulse)
-Oscillator 2 for slow control voltages such as glissando or vibrato
-Filter/Oscillator 3 with v.c. low, high and band pass filter or pure sine wave
-Modulator for envelope shaping or ring modulation
-Noise Generator
-Trapezoid Generator for multiple simultaneous trapezoid waveforms. These may be used for envelope shaping (trigger mode) or for low frequency waveforms (free run mode)
-Manual-Slide tape Controllers (2) for obtaining control voltages. One slide-tape is stepped and may be used as a keyboard and the other for variable control. One provides a trigger pulse. Both may be temporarily marked or written on
-Inverter to invert control voltages or signals
-Monitor Amplifier and Loudspeaker with two input mixer faders
-The optional 3-octave keyboard for controlling the Synthi E. This unit is a mechanical keyboard which plugs into the Synthi E. It provides the correct pitch voltage and trigger signal for the Trapezoid Generator. A switch on the Synthi E selects internal or external keyboard operation.

– VCF 144/1 (Issue F)
– VCF 144/2 (Issue F)
– L.F. OSC 144/3 (Issue E)
– Input Amp Env followr 144/4 (Issue E)
– TRAPZD GEN 144/5 (Issue F)
– VCA O/P AMP 144/6 (Issue G)

This unit is in excellent working condition, and it sounds incredible.