1979 Colorsound Dipthonizer

For sale is this vintage 1979 Colorsound Dipthonizer auto filter talking pedal. Considered by most pedal enthusiasts to be the rarest stompbox ever produced by Colorsound, this particular example is in very excellent vintage condition. With regard to sound, this pedal is one of the most interesting and unique ever made. Perhaps the best of all the auto-wah, auto-filter, talking pedal, talkbox, style pedals, this pedal is much more expressive and vocal than any Ibanez AF-9, Ibanez AF-201, or Electro Harmonix Talking Pedal (and those are some of the best).

The “Dipthong/Vowel” dial actually allows the user to to choose between 4 accurately re-created interpretations of the dipthongs listed. In the proper context, it is difficult to discern between this pedal and a talk box. Fuzz/graininess/texture can be added as well, which sometimes accentuates or refines the character depending on the circumstance.

This is a very rare pedal and is in particularly excellent condition with the original battery doors, original hardware, and all original components!