1979 360 Systems Spectre Synth

Here’s a vintage 1979 360 Systems Spectre guitar synthesizer. This particular example is in very excellent original condition and was recently serviced to be completely studio ready. The Spectre guitar synth features the Oberheim 1180 “A” board which is the same board found in Oberheim’s SEM synth module. This synth also features two analog oscillators, a single ADR filter, and an LFO. Producing incredibly rich fuzz, string sounds, octaves, envelope filtering, polyphony, phaser/flanger effects, etc., this unit makes the magic of Oberheim’s SEM, also found within the TVS-1 2-voice, accessible to guitarists, other electrified stringed instruments, or even addition synths. A must have for the analog synth collector, inventive guitar players, and studios with an emphasis on vintage analog equipment, this is a really incredible piece.