1978 Yamaha CS-50

Here is a vintage 1978 Yamaha CS-50 synthesizer. This classic analog synth, serial number 2098, is often considered a “scaled-down” version of the Yamaha CS-80, however, the consensus suggests this is a much more special and unique synth worthy of a more distinguished description. Read the reviews, vintage synth enthusiasts overwhelmingly agree that the CS-50 deserves to be acknowledged equally for it individuality as it’s resemblance to the flagship CS-80. This particular example is in perfect-working studio-ready condition, and includes the (4) original chrome legs, the (2) cross-braces and the original protective lid.

This accessible 4-voice synth with 13 factory presets produces monstrously thick bass and incredibly warm organic tone. Just like the CS-60 and CS-80, the CS-50 features After Touch (pressure sensitivity). One key appointment that the CS-50 does not have is the ribbon controller. Otherwise, the CS-50 is quite incredible in it’s own right.

Aside from seemingly inevitable pressure dents from the wingnuts within the lid, the synth is in very excellent condition. It works perfectly, and was recently tuned. All keys, switches, buttons and knobs are in perfectly intact functional condition. It does not include the original sheet music stand. The interior is extremely well-preserved, and all circuit boards are incredibly clean. There is no evidence that this unit has been exposed to anything but the inside of a recording studio.