1978 Vox Tone Bender MK III

This is a vintage 1978 VOX Tone Bender Mark III fuzz pedal. Made by Colorsound for VOX, this rare second generation MK III features a different circuit than the original, but can be equally as great. This particular example, date stamped “FEB 1978,” is in very excellent condition and comes with the original box.

This later variety Mark III Tone Bender features a similar circuit to an early Electro Harmonix Big Muff, and is actually identical to a concurrent Colorsound Jumbo Tone Bender. With (3) BC184C transistors and tropical fish capacitors, this pedal produces a very musical, full-range, well-balanced, high-gain fuzz. More easily contained, and less sloppy than other aggressive fuzz pedals, the tight presence retains rich powerful bass, which is enhanced by natural harmonics.

Aside from sounding spectacular, the pedal looks fantastic. The case and original bottom are in excellent all original condition. The only originality issue appears to be an era appropriate input jack replacement. The white rubber feet also don’t seem original. It does include the original cardboard box, which has quite a few sketches drawn on it.