1978 Marshall JMP MK II Super Lead 100

This is a vintage 1978 Marshall JMP MKII Super Lead 100 vintage electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example has been modified by Custom Audio Electronics (CAE), upgraded and adjusted by both John Suhr and Bob Bradshaw, for none other than Steve Lukather. It was modified with the famous “SE LEAD MOD,” and sounds absolutely incredible. It has not been serviced since last modified by Suhr/Bradshaw, and it includes the custom Anvil flight case.

The Suhr SE LEAD MOD is an intensive and incredible enhancement. With an added feedback loop, line out, additional preamp tube, added “depth” control, singular designated input, added ground, and many other circuit mods, this amp is a completely different beast from the amp it started out as. With unbelievably rich and massive overdrive, showcasing articulation and presence, it really is the ultimate Marshall for saturated distortion. There is no comparison, it is the best in it’s class.

The amp is in average condition, and has a changed handle, added holes to accomodate the CAE modifications, etc. The tolex on the cabinet is not perfect, but this amp is a hot rod, a real work horse for the studio/live musician looking for the best there is.