1977 Top Gear Fuzz

This is a vintage 1977 Top Gear Fuzz electric guitar effects pedal/stompbox. This beautiful, and quite rare, example is very nice 100% all original condition. Perhaps most akin to a late-’60s Dallas Arbiter Fuzz Face, this dual BC109 silicon transistor fuzz unit sounds incredible, and produces a hypnotizing fuzz reminiscent of Jimi’s own tone. Though the UK-made Top Gear pedals are often compared to SolaSound/Colorsound pedals, they were actually designed by Len Hawkes, a lecturer at Brighton Technical college in the ’70s, Top Gear pedals made their debut in Brighton and later moved to London’s Denmark Street showcased in the Top Gear music store. With a simple schematic design, incredible build quality and pop art aesthetic sensibilities, the Top Gear pedals are not just the most interesting of the obscure British brands, but they are easily the best sounding.