1977 Kustom K100-I

Here is a vintage 1977 KUSTOM K100-I solid state electric guitar amplifier and matching speaker cabinet. This particular example, serial number 25295, is in near mint 100% all original condition! Intended for bass, but quite conducive for use with guitar, keboards, etc., this silver sparkle tuck’n’roll Kustom is about as cool as they come.

Serial Number: 25295
Cabinet Serial Number: 26475
Speaker Date: APR 5 1977 (KEI)

The original silver sparkle tuck-and-roll Naugahyde has not faded one bit, exhibits zero wear, and is really quite attractive. The black grillcloth is in perfect structural shape, and is void of stains and other discoloration. All of the hardware remains perfectly intact with zero oxidation or evidence of wear. The (2) 12″ Kustom branded (KEI) speakers sound amazing and do not exhibit voice-coil distortion or fatigue. The amp works perfectly and sounds quite good.