1977 Fender Starcaster

This is a vintage 1977 Fender Starcaster electric hollowbody guitar. This excellent example, serial number S708685, is in beautiful cosmetic shape and great original condition. In a desirable 3-tone sunburst finish, this particular Starcaster features: an exceptional 2-piece flame maple top, (2) Seth Lover-designed wide-range humbucker pickups (WRHP), original maple neck with original frets, original Schaller-made Fender tuning machines, original control knobs, original hardware, and the original case.

As previously mentioned, the guitar is in excellent original condition. While the guitar has no breaks, no cracks, no repairs and no modifications, it does have a professionally installed brass nut, and several replacement pickup mount screws. Otherwise, the guitar is all original.

The guitar weighs 8 lbs. 11oz., plays great, and looks amazing. The neck profile is reminiscent of most mid-70s Fender guitars with a medium-sized round shape. The original frets are in excellent condition, and do not protrude from the edge of the fingerboard. The neck is extremely comfortable, and is absolutely perfectly straight.

Perhaps most importantly, the guitar sounds incredible. With an individual sale price of $500 per WRHP, it is obvious most enthusiasts agree that the Starcaster has a pair of special pickups. The Starcaster, being the only hollowbody Fender model with WRHPs, sounds unlike a Fender Tele Thinline, Tele Custom, or Tele Deluxe. The Starcaster sounds incredibly rich, and as the pickup name infers, produces a very full-range sound.

The original case is in good condition, however, the lid exhibits some separation. It will properly protect, store, and allow safe transport, however, it is not in the best structural shape. All latches work, all hinges are intact, and the handle works fine.

Relatively unpopular when originally released to compete with Gibson’s dominant presence over the electric hollowbody market in 1976, the Starcaster experienced limited production. Made between 1976-1982, it seems the combination of both the short run and scarce production have made Starcasters quite rare. Additionally, having experienced a resurgence in demand thanks to the appreciation of the WRHPs, Fender’s 25.5″ scale length, and Fender’s nontraditional approach to a classic design, famous modern guitarists (Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead, Dave Keuning of the Killers) have showcased the Starcaster’s uniqueness.