1976 Wurlitzer 200A

This is a vintage 1976 Wurlitzer 200A electronic piano. With a signature sound all their own, Wurlys have been featured on some of the most successful pop recordings in modern history, including: “These Eyes” by the Guess Who,
“Miss You” by the Rolling Stones and Queen’s “You’re My Best Friend”. This particular example, serial number 103624L, is in near mint 100% all original condition and includes the original chrome legs, functional sustain pedal, the original sheet music stand, the original oval power cable, and the original Avocado Green lid! Those who favor well-preserved pieces will absolutely adore this stunning specimen. A must have instrument for any serious studio, this Wurlitzer 200A will become common place on your recordings, or for those enthusiasts who purely enjoy creating and playing music, you will not find a more enjoyable, more inspirational, musical instrument.

It is quite rare that a Wurlitzer with a colored lid is a 200A model, as the majority of green, red, and beige Wurlys tend to be the early, less desirable, EP200 versions. This is not to suggest that any of the aforementioned colors are not rare, as colored Wurlitzers are barely seen today, and finding one in 100% all original unrestored condition is next to impossible.