1976 Rickenbacker 4001

Here is a vintage 1976 Rickenbacker 4001 electric bass guitar. This particular example, serial number PE 3499, is in very good all original condition and includes the original hard shell case and bridge cover! Owned and played by Rob DeLeo of the Stone Temple Pilots, he mainly used this gorgeous 4001 while recording their 3rd album titled ‘Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican gift Shop’, and can be seen pictured and discussed on the Below Empty STP fan site! With no repairs, no breaks, no cracks, and no modifications, this all original bass simply exhibits general playing wear from Rob’s use both in the studio and on the road. Not only is this a great vintage bass, but it also happens to be an iconic piece of STP and ’90s rock music heritage.

Serial Number: PE3499
Pot Codes: 137 7526 (CTS, mid-’75)
Weight: 9 lbs. 7 oz.

With a perfect patina that has organically converted the white finish into an attractive cream, the black-and-white Tuxedo-scheme cosmetic appointments are incredibly handsome and somewhat rare. The bass does display inconsistent fading on the back and sides of the body, mostly from the presence of tape to hold down a strap. It also exhibits dings, dents, and wear from expected use.

The bass plays perfectly, has been strung with La Bella flatwound strings, and sounds fantastic. The bass has not been adjusted nor setup since Rob last had any such service performed. The neck is straight, both truss rods work perfectly should need be, and the action is low. With a typical slim neck shape profile, this 4001 makes playing a pure breeze. The bass is under 10 pounds, and is comparable in weight to a Les Paul, which is quite light for any bass.

While quite attractive with subtle vibe and minute mojo, there is some belt buckle wear, superficial surface scratches, and obvious wear on the back of the body. Because of these defects, the bass would be rated an 8/10.

Being a close acquaintance of Rob DeLeo’s this instrument was accessible only through my pestering him, otherwise, he would have never relinquished ownership. Rob and his brother Dean are by far 2 of the nicest beings on this Earth, and the sale of this bass is only due to extenuating circumstances. I have utmost respect for the DeLeo family and their contribution to modern music, so for me, I feel this is a very special offering.