1976 Rhodes Piano Bass

This is a vintage 1976 Rhodes Piano Bass. This particular example, serial number 2590, which has recently undergone a thoroughly complete maintenance, is in absolutely perfect functional condition. Practical for both the player who doesn’t want to waste time and money on the usual repairs, or a studio that also favors proper function to form, this is a rare opportunity to buy a Piano Bass in 100% perfect working condition.

This Rhodes Piano Bass also happens to be in 100% original condition, and features: the original keyboard lid, the original black vinyl exterior, all original hardware, all original hammers, original tines, original tone bars, original pickups, original pots (not currently installed, but included), all original keys, etc.

During the recent service, all of the rubber tone bar grommets were replaced. This is necessary for almost all Rhodes pianos, as the compressed and deteriorated rubber bushings impede the notes from ringing clearly with natural sustain. Although the original pots worked fine, they were slightly noisy. The pots and tone capacitors were replaced with the exact spec. and value replacements, and now the keyboard is studio-ready with zero noise. All of the keys were tempered/leveled to lay perfectly straight/flat. The keyboard was completely tuned. The hammer tips are intact and crisp with plenty of life left. Lastly, the vinyl rips (only on the top of the case) were glued back into place.

The original plastic piano lid is in very excellent condition with no cracks, no serious scratches and no warping. The original logos are completely intact and quite clean. With the vinyl top removed, the Piano Bass is in a strong 8.5/10 condition.

The date code on the chassis indicates a late-1975 production (50 weeks into 1975), while the pots display an early 1976 production date with a date code of “1377614.”