1976 Oberheim TVS-1

Here is a vintage 1976 Oberheim TVS-1 “Polyphonic” analog synthesizer. This very early production example, serial number 0240, is in very nice all original condition, works perfectly, and sounds incredible. This rare synth includes both original expander voice modules, and comes with the upgraded optional mini-sequencer. This completely intact synth was recently purchased from the original owner, so take advantage of this rare opportunity to buy an un-circulated Oberheim keyboard and become the proud new owner of an incredibly classic analog synth.

Oberheim’s first compact, programmable, and polyphonic synth features: (2) SEM modules coupled together, a 37-note keyboard, and an analog sequencer with the famous Oberheim Sample/Hold feature.

With an unbelievably rich and sub-harmonic analog expression, Portishead, Depeche Mode, and Vangelis would all agree that the TVS-1 is an irreplaceable instrument in a completely unique and small (26″ w x 10″ h x 19″ d, 45 lbs.) package.

This synth includes the original cover and original oval power cable. Why buy a reissue when you can buy the original for the same price?