1976 Kay Bicentennial Banjo

Here is a vintage 1976 Kay “Bicentennial” 5-string plectrum banjo. This particular example is in very excellent all original condition and features the bicentennial eagle which appeared not only on many instruments, but on most American products celebrating the 200th year of American freedom from British rule. Ironically, this banjo was manufactured in Japan. A very great looking banjo for the beginner on a budget.

Additional features include a metal rim with the original head, a bound Rosewood resonator with Bicentennia Americanl Eagle inlay, laminated Maple neck with a Rosewood fingerboard, the original bridge and tailpiece with engraved Bicentennial Eagle, and all gold hardware.

The headstock has warped, as can be seen in the photos, but thankfully for the truss rod, this hasn’t affected the neck much. Action is still nice, and banjo is still playable.