1976 B&M Champion Fuzz Unit

This is a vintage 1976 B&M (Barnes & Mullins) Champion Fuzz Unit electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example, stamped “APR xx 1976” within, is in very excellent all original condition and features the rare second variety BMX-style graphic. Essentially identical to the concurrently produced silver box Sola Sound Tone Bender, this lively fuzz features (3) BC184C silicon transistors and the same tropical fish capacitors found in other great Colorsound effects pedals. The simple “Volume,” “Sustain,” and “Tone,” controls are actually very dynamic, producing tons of intense and piercing fuzz when desired and also capable of responding as a subtle boost or light overdrive. The B&M Champion Fuzz Unit is so special, that Faustone has issued an exact replica.