1976 Ampeg SVT

This is a vintage 1976 Ampeg SVT bass guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 80019, is in very nice all original condition. This iconic bass amp remains unparalleled by all other vintage high-power bass amps, has been reissued by Ampeg to the tune of $2,000.00 and has achieved ultimate acclaim for virtually all applications. In short, when it comes to bass amplification… This. Is. It.

Serial Number: 80019
Transformer Codes: 7534, 682534, 682535 (Electrical Windings transformers)

The Ampeg SVT utilizes; (6) 6550 (though the schematic reflects the earlier 6146) power tubes, (4) 12WD7, (2) 12BH7, (1) 12AX7, and (1) 6C4 tubes. This more stealth-looking version, uses the identical Electrical Windings transformers as it’s famous “Blue Line” predecessor, in fact, most everything is nearly identical aside from the obvious aesthetic departures and a more stabilized tube layout. This particular version, which was available between 1976-1979, is a great bargain, as it sounds just as amazing as the earliest varieties without costing nearly as much!

In 1969, Ampeg’s Chief Engineer Bill Hughes designed the Super Valve Technology circuitry for the amplifier of the same name. At 85 lb (39 kg), the Ampeg SVT provided 300 watts of RMS power, considerably more than most other bass amplifiers of the era. The high power rating made the SVT a candidate for use in larger venues. The SVT saw widespread use by rock acts in the 1970s, and has yet to wane in popularity.

When this amp was last serviced, all power tubes were replaced with a matching sextet of new ARS 6550s. The amp still retains original Sylvanias and a couple of more recent Groove Tubes. Otherwise, the amp still has original capacitors and the original 3-prong power cable. Even though it works perfectly, it is always recommended to have a tech service it after being packed and shipped to the high bidder.

This example is in 100% original cosmetic condition, though it does exhibit decades of expected careful use. There are series’ of scuffs and scratches from objects being placed atop the amp cabinet. The grill cloth is in very excellent condition, as is the corresponding control panel and hardware. The graphic “B●05” is stenciled upon the side and bottom of the amp, and while it can probably be removed with a concoction of paint thinner and cleaning agent, will be left on the amp for the next owner to decide it’s fate.