1975 Tycobrahe Pedalflanger

Here is a vintage 1975 Tycobrahe Pedalflanger electric guitar effects pedal. This particular example is in near mint all original condition and includes the original wooden box. Not only is the Tycobrahe Pedalflanger the first Flanger effect ever built specifically for guitar, but this particular Pedaflanger is the only remaining example of the first 12 to be which retains the only known original production V.1 prototype circuit board. Purchased from the Tycobrahe employee commissioned to perform the final inspection on all products, this was the only pedalflanger salvaged because it was the original “tester” unit. Of the first batch of 12 pieces, 11 were modified with the less noisy V.2 circuit, however, since this one never left the factory, it was never modified.

This particular example works perfectly, is in extremely excellent, near mint, cosmetic condition, and includes the original, extremely rare, wooden case! When I asked him why it was so clean, he explained that since he worked from a bench, he only used this effect (as he did all others) with his hands only. It displays very light storage wear, but is in near pristine all original condition.