1975 Sola Sound Tone Bender

Here’s a vintage 1975 Sola Sound MK IV Tone Bender fuzz pedal. Made in London England, Colorsound/Sola Sound pedals are famous for producing a colorful array of harmonically rich and luscious tones. Perhaps the most common of the Sola Sound Tone Bender variety, the MK IV, was produced for approximately 7 years with the slim box construction, and came with an assortment of different components. This particular example features the BC108 Silicon transistors.

While the Tone Bender is not necessarily considered to be a jack of all trades, and is not known for versatility, the singular function is virtually unparalleled by all other fuzz units, which has not been duplicated since. According to some, it is hands down the absolute best fuzz pedal of all time, while others consider among the best. Featuring singing sustain with beautiful musical qualities, the Tone Bender inspires playing. The foundation of the Tone Bender fuzz sound, is a smooth well-structured EQ, consisting of rich and tight bass with even mid-harmonics. While not as grainy or splattery as it’€™s MKII Tone Bender predecessor, this version is smoother and more full-range. The two nicely compliment each other, and are quite different.

Although this pedal does exhibit wear, scrapes, and scratches, it is in nice all original condition. The pedal has not been modified, and still retains all original components. The knobs are original, as is the black back panel, which still has the two rubber pads. Perfect for both players and collectors alike, this version Tone Bender is a must have. With other Tone Benders becoming near impossible to find, let alone afford, it is only a matter of time before these become inaccessible as well.