1975 Gibson Explorer

For sale is this vintage 1975 Gibson Explorer electric guitar. This particular pre-reissue, custom color example, serial number 627881, is in very excellent 100% original condition, and includes the original Gibson hard shell case! This extremely interesting and unbelievably rare guitar is unique for several reasons; 1) it pre-dates the Limited Edition ’76 Explorer by several months, 2) it features a non-oval decal serial number, rather, it has a stamped in, early form, serial number, 3) is stamped “DEMO” under the pickguard, and 4) is finished in an original White finish! This guitar was purchased several years ago from a young man who claimed his dad was the original owner of both this and a ’68 Gibson SG Standard, also in White. Your guess may be as good as mine with respect to “what this guitar is” and “why it is that way.” One enthusiast who saw it a while ago claimed the contours looked more like that of an early-60’s Korina Explorer than the more bold ’76 Reissue. Perhaps it’s a prototype, or maybe a custom order guitar made before the official re-release of the Explorer, either way, I don’t know, and don’t have evidence to prove it or suggest otherwise.

Serial Number: 627881
Potentiometer Codes: 1377552
Pickup Resistance: 7.5Ω (bridge) 7.42Ω (neck)
Weight: 8 lbs. 6 oz.

This one-of-a-kind Gibson Explorer features: an all mahogany body with the original Polaris White finish, 1-piece mahogany neck, bound rosewood fingerboard, scimitar headstock design, (2) “Dirty Fingers” humbucking pickups, gold double line Gibson deluxe tuning machines, a Tune-O-Matic bridge and gold stop tailpiece, gold barrel knobs, gold hardware and the original hard shell case!

The white finish is completely original, and it features the cool Gibson detail whereby finish is applied up over the fingerboard plank, with inverse black dots painted on for the fret markers.

Aside from a very small hairline paint crack in the back of the body finish near the neck heal (pictured), there are no other structural or paint issues whatsoever. There is no weather-checking, no touch-ups, no breaks, no cracks, and no repairs.

Perhaps the weirdest, most interesting might be a better adjective, part of the guitar is discovered only when inspecting closely, that is, when you look under the pickguard. Without doing so, the guitar is completely intact, perfect, and original, but there is clearly some interesting forensic evidence under the guard, which suggests it’s a special or one-of-a-kind example. There is a “DEMO” stamp, as mentioned, with a strange symmetrical rout. Clearly not from an added pickup or anything aftermarket, rather, it looks to have been done during R&D style manufacturing. My best guess is that during this one-off production, new routs were considered, and executed, but Gibson decided to go forth with the one currently in the body, which is identical to that of the ’76 Limited Edition reissue.

The guitar plays and sounds great. The neck is large, but not as bulky as many ’76-’77 Reissues. The frets are intact and playable. The gutiar sounds great. The guitar has amazing vibe overall, and is extremely attractive in all respects.

Sale Price: Sold