1974 Versatone Pan-O-Flex

This is a vintage 1974 Versatone Pan-O-Flex electric bass guitar amplifier by Audio Guild Corp. of Van Nuys, CA. This 100% all original example is in near perfect condition, works absolutely perfectly and sounds remarkable! Used by some of the most unique and important bass players of the 60’s and 70’s, such as; Carol Kaye, Jack Casady and Monk Montgomery, to name several, the Versatone Pan-O-Flex bi-amp has become one of the most coveted vintage bass amps. This museum-piece-quality example is probably one of the nicest in existence, so don’t miss this opportunity to buy one of the rarest and coolest vintage bass amp ever made, because once this Versatone sells, it may be years before you see another!

Transformer Codes: 682421, 682419, 682347, 682347
Speaker Codes: 328346, 328304 (Utah)
Tubes: (4) x 7591 power tubes (2 per amp) and (3) 7025 preamp tubes

There are several very thoughtful features which clearly separate this amp from all others of the period. Firstly, the Pan-O-Flex model famously features a bi-amp design, and with it’s particular configuration allows a customizable mix between the (2) amps via the “Pan-O-Flex Balance” control knob. Both amps are surprisingly hi-fidelity, yet offer impressively versatile options, as the “Bass” amp is rich and fat with enormous girth, while the “Treble” amp is precise and percussive with extreme clarity. Dialing in your favorite bass tone is the best part, since it seems nearly all conceivable tones fall in between the two opposite sides of the given spectrum, especially when further articulated with “Tone” EQ controls. Perhaps a functional analogy, with respect to the inherent differences in the (2) different amps of the bi-amp design, would be that one sounds like an Ampeg B-15 and the other sounds like an Ampeg SVT, and you can choose one or the other, or some combination thereof.

Along with the distinction of this amp’s bi-amplification design utilizing separate power amplifiers for high and low frequencies, with low frequency output through a 12″ Utah speaker, and the high frequencies through a 8″ Utah speaker, is the unique Helmholtz resonator speaker cabinet construction. Both speakers are separated by a baffle, and the smaller 8″ speaker is enclosed in a smaller, less-deep, isolated cabinet. As can clearly be seen in the photos to the right, this is in addition to the closed-back cabinet.

As can be seen in the photos, there is individual adjustment of both bass and treble frequencies, as well as the infamous “Pan-O-Flex” balance knob to balance the high fidelity output that helped bass players like Jack Casady and Carol Kaye achieve their versatile tones.

This Versatone Amp utilizes (4) 7591 and (3) 7025 original tubes through an original 1 x 12″ Utah V12PXC2 speaker, and an original 1 x 8″ Utah V8JC speaker. The original rough black tolex is in extremely excellent condition with only minimal scuffing on the bottom only. The original black/silver grill cloth is extremely intact with no snags, rips or tears. All of the hardware is original and in very excellent shape. The original chrome panel is excellent with minimal signs of use.

This example has all the original transformers, as well as, ALL of the original Sylvania and RCA tubes, capacitors and 2-prong power cable. The original 12″ and 8″ Utah speakers are in excellent shape and sound amazing. The cones are original and do not exhibit speaker fatigue nor voicecoil distortion. As stated, this amp works perfectly and sounds fantastic.