1974 Orange OR-80

This is a vintage 1974 Orange OR-80 electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example is in very nice all original cosmetic condition. It was recently serviced and is in perfect working condition. Perfect for enthusiasts, players and studios alike this great-sounding example is ready-to-go and, thanks to being built like an absolute tank, will out last all of your other vintage tube amps.

Cabinet Serial Number: 5120
Chassis Serial Number: 11102
Transformer Codes: 31-3744, 31 3742, 31-3743

This amp was recently purchased from a well-known Los Angeles studio, where it remained in storage and had almost been completely forgotten about until the studio recently relocated. During the move it was discovered with a matching Orange 4×12″ speaker cabinet. It was lightly serviced to be restored to its former glory and is currently being offered as pictured. The cabinet will be offered separately since it is not an exact match.

The amp is in nice condition, though it exhibits normal signs of use and age. The white control panel is still nicely preserved with various minor scratches, and the original orange tolex is in correspondingly nice condition. All of the hardware is original.

While being used in the studio, the amp was conveniently wired to be set permanently at 110v and 16Ω. This minor modification used small bridge-like wires, is completely noninvasive and can easily be reversed so the amp utilizes the original style voltage and impedance selectors if the buyer so chooses. It has original vintage Tesla EL34s and all original Parmeko transformers.