1974 Moog Minimoog Model D

This is a vintage 1974 Moog Minimoog Model D synthesizer by Moog Music. This early-production Minimoog, serial number 5053, is in excellent cosmetic shape, and perfect working condition. This particular smooth wheel example shows a completion tag date of 8/1/74, and it remains in intact 100% all original condition.

All keys, rocker switches, knobs/dials, and lights works flawlessly. While producing a famously rich texture and grit, this synth exhibits pronounced clarity and presence: above and beyond that of most. Resultantly, this example is well-balanced, strong, full-range, and perfect for recording, sampling, etc.

The walnut-stained cabinet is in good condition, with expected scratches and dings, it also has a small splits/chip in the edge of the cabinet near the modulation wheels. The control panel is very nice, as are the keys. The bottom is in good shape, though it appears holes were made to accommodate a stand of some sort.

Due to it’s simple and intuitive nature combined with the unparalleled sound quality of the Minimoog, it quickly became known for being the most famously used synth of all time. From rock to dance to hiphop, the Minimoog is more relevant today than when it was introduced 40 years ago!