1974 Marshall JMP Mark II 50W Lead

Here is a vintage 1974 Marshall JMP Mark II 50W Lead model “1987” electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 696 OF, is in very intact well-preserved original condition, and even includes the original vacuum tubes. This 4-input, non-master, metal-front version is the next best thing to a Plexi, and for the price, some may consider it to be a much better bargain. This example looks great, and sounds even better, so if you’re looking for that classic Marshall crunch, this represents your best bang for the buck.

Serial Number: 696 OF
Assembly Date: 10-9-74 (Sept. 10, 1974)
Transformer Codes: 1202 164, 784 139

With a pencil date of 10-9-74 (September 10th, 1974), this USA export example features a rare pair of original Tung-Sol 6550 tubes, as well as the (3) original 12AX7/ECC83 tubes.

Aside from the usual maintenance, and a couple changed screws, this amp is 100% all original. The original cabinet has very nice black levant tolex with the original and remarkably pristine Marshall logo. Both the front and back brushed metal panels are in very nice shape, as are the original control knobs, input jacks, switches, and related hardware. The original impedance/ohm selector was misplaced, and it is currently being replaced by a bridge wire. Several capacitors have been replaced, as well as, the chassis bolts. Otherwise, the amp is completely original.

After several caps were replaced, during a normal service, the amp is back in tip-top shape. It is quiet, studio ready, and fantastically full of amazing tone. The lack of a master volume really enhances the traditional 1960s Plexi influence, which always responds well to channel-jumping. Both channels sound great, and for amazing overdrive, it really doesn’t get better than this.