1974 Marshall JMP Lead Mk II

This is a vintage 1974 Marshall JMP Lead Mk II Model 1987 50W electric guitar amplifier head. This particular example, serial number 1099F, is in very excellent 100% all original condition! This early printed circuit board (PCB) version is every bit as powerful as its Plexi predecessor, and represents incredible bang-for-your-buck value. Absolutely perfectly preserved, with every single original component still in it’s place, this is the choice specimen for Marshall collectors and amp aficionados.

Serial Number: 1099F
Inspection Date: 8/4/71 (Typo, April 8, 1974)
Transformer Codes: 1202 — 164, 784 — 139

The original black levant tolex is in excellent shape with only a few minor scuffs and a couple insignificant marks on the bottom of the amp. The front metal panel is crisp and very clean with little evidence of wear or use.

This amp is highly musical, produces incredibly powerful overdrive, and instantly generates that tone you’ve been trying to emulate with other amps. This amp looks and sounds great. With the same 6-knob/4-input arrangement as the classic 50w Plexi, the channels can be jumped to achieve an unbelievably saturated distortion.

Recommended for collectors and players alike, this amp is in very crisp cosmetic condition, and happens to sound every bit as good as it looks!