1974 Gibson L6-S Midnight Special

Here is a vintage 1974 Gibson L6-S Midnight Special Anniversary Model electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 396565, is in extremely excellent, 100% all original condition and includes the original hard shell case! While the color may be unfamiliar to some, it is a 100% all original multi-sparkle clear coat over the “Red Wine” finish. Very few Midnight Specials were produced, approximately 2000 between ’74-’79, and even fewer feature this incredibly uncharacteristic glam rock exterior. After thorough online research, we were only able to find evidence of one other example to have been documented, which may suggest this guitar is considerably more rare than we originally thought.

This ’74 Gibson L6-S Midnight Special features: the original Red Wine translucent finish with multi-colored glitter over a maple body, the original clear pickguard, a string-through body design, a 3-piece bolt on maple neck with a 24-fret maple fingerboard, (2) metal-covered Super Humbucking cermanic magnet pickups, Gibson Deluxe tuning machines with metal buttons, a wide Harmonica-style tune-o-matic bridge by Schaller, original gold barrel knobs, and the original hard shell case.

Essentially the Midnight Special model combines the string-through body design and standard three-way pickup switch electronics of an L6-S Deluxe with a Custom’s chrome metal-covered Super Humbucking ceramic-magnet pickups and 24 fret maple cap fretboard. Furthermore, the Anniversary Model features this incredibly rare finish that was never featured on any other Gibson guitar ever made.

Recently purchased from the family of the original owner, this special specimen is in very excellent condition. Aside from a very small area of superficial paint flaking by the input jack, the guitar does not display much playing wear, and is quite well-preserved. The gutiar is in perfect structural condition with no breaks, no cracks, nor repairs, and no modifications, and happens to be perfectly intact with regard to the internal electronic integrity as well.

It plays surprisingly well, feels great, and sounds spectacular. Played by Carlos Santana, Pat Martino, Angus Young, and DEVO, the working-man’s jazz guitar has since been re-appropriated by all types of players, and is certainly versatile enough for all styles.