1974 Fender Stratocaster

For sale is this vintage 1974 Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 562725, is in very nice cosmetic condition, but has been professionally modified to extract the guitar’s utmost playing potential. From the looks of things, this guitar was modified sometime in the late 1980’s with era relevant mods. Including; the installation of a Floyd Rose tremolo with matching locking nut, a refret with medium-jumbo frets on top of a professionally flattened fingerboard radius, the installation of (3) EMG “HGI BAA” single coil pickups and a custom pickguard to accommodate the aforementioned pickups with the desired wiring arrangement. While the guitar’s vintage originality has been compromised, it at least resulted in a very playable, convenient and thoughtful mods completed with very high quality parts.

This ’74 Strat features:
-original ash body with original natural finish
-original 1-piece maple fast-action-designed neck with a diminished fingerboard radius and added locking nut, otherwise original finish and corresponding “F” tuning machines
-original bullet truss rod adjustment, and the tilt neck micro adjustment
-original 3-bolt neck plate
-after-market Floyd Rose Locking Tremolo bridge with matching locking nut piece and original whammy bar
-non-original EMG Strat style passive pickups with master volume and tone knobs (3 selectors turn each PUP on/off).
-original pickguard has been replaced with a Chandler Custom B/W/B pickguard

The only other originality issues that would affect the structural integrity would be the added holes for the bridge and locking nut system, which means the pickups have not required additional routing nor has the bridge.

The fingerboard has been sanded in order to provide a flatter radius for faster action, but the back of the neck and the entire headstock still retain the original polyurethane clear coat finish. The guitar weighs 9 lbs. and 2 oz., and is quite comfortable.

The guitar works perfectly and sounds great. The neck is straight, and the electronics are in perfect working order. The guitar includes the original tremolo arm or “whammy bar.” The guitar does not include a case, though it will be packed accordingly.

This is a great guitar, and is sure to be a great bargain! Don’t miss this chance to buy a true player’s guitar for pennies on the dollar it would cost to build!

Sale Price: Sold