1974 Fender Rhodes Eighty Eight (88)

This is a vintage 1974 Fender Rhodes Eighty Eight (88) Suitcase electro-mechanical keyboard. This particular example, serial number 10586, is in extremely excellent all original condition. It was thoroughly serviced by Nir Benjaminy of Fender Rhodes LA, and is in perfect studio-ready condition. This well-preserved example was already working perfectly when brought to Fender Rhodes LA several years ago to be converted to an absolutely meticulous specimen. Over $1,000.00 was spent on improving action and playability alone. This version is considered by all Rhodes enthusiasts to be the best, and this particular keyboard is in beautiful condition, so don’t hesitate, because this is the one to have!

Serial Number: 10586
Cabinet Serial Number: 044-485
Speaker Codes: 137 7424 (CTS)

As mentioned, this Rhodes works flawlessly, and sounds as good as it looks. With no significant cosmetic flaws, and having recently been upgraded to specs. better than those form the factory, this is the ultimate studio Rhodes. it includes the lid and a cable. It does not include the power cable, which is effectively and extension chord.