1974 CMI SG Systems SG-410

This is a vintage 1974 CMI SG Systems SG-410 electric guitar amplifier. This particular example is in very nice original condition and includes the original manual, as well as, the original two-function footswitch! A fairly rare amplifier, it sounds as tough as it looks! Incredibly loud, with powerful and robust tone when pushed, it also has a clenaer side which nicely complements the built-in Maestro Phase Shifter. This amp was very well-designed both with regard to build-quality and functionality, as it sounds unbelievably brilliant.

Speaker Codes: 67 7403 (Eminence, early-’74)

The SG-410 utilizes: (2) Sylvania 8417 and (1) RCA 12AX7 original tubes through the original 4 x 10″ Eminence speakers. Aside from a single changed knob, this amp is all original and in excellent condition. The original anvil case style exterior is in excellent condition and exhibits very minimal wear. The aluminum siding is in correspondingly excellent shape with expected scuffs and several small dings. The control panel is crisp and clean with no overly distracting blemishes. The speakers sound incredible and do not exhibit voice coil distortion or fatigue.

With a highly unique tone, this amp really delivers a very powerful and musical sound thanks to the interesting nature of the 8417 power tubes. Often compared to the more common 6550 power tube, the 8417 offers better compression, and less harsh headroom. Very raw, but not necessarily abrasive, this is a killer combo, worthy of it’s very own cult-following. Plug-in a loud Les Paul, and be prepared to be impressed, this is a serious amp.