1974 Carlsbro Mantis

This is a vintage 1974 Carlsbro Mantis electric guitar effects/delay unit. This UK-made analog delay effect, serial number FP022680, is a large box (13″ wide x 10″ tall x 3″ deep) consisting of; the “Rotafaze” circuit, the echo (analog delay) effect and the “Mantis” pre-amp portion. With 8 preset buttons, which allow a combination therof to be employed, in addition to, 7 slider controls, the Carlsbro Mantis is an incredibly versatile and interesting effects unit. This very well-preserved example includes the original UK-made 220v power cable, a 110v USA power cable, the original instruction pamphlet and a custom indestructo cardboard box.

Inside this substantial sound machine, there are (8) TDA 1022 chips. Associated with shorter and more precise delay, this chip is perfect for organic analog slap-back echo. These chips can be replaced with MN3005s, which would effectively extend the duration length and decay of the delay. There are 5 trim pots within, that also allow further refinement of delay length, duration and depth. The unit also has a carrying handle doubles as a stand to pitch the control panel at an accessible angle.