1974 ARP 2600

This is a vintage 1974 ARP 2600 series “2600P” analog synthesizer and matching “3620” keyboard. This particular set, serial numbers 261306 and 361306R, is in very good all original condition and includes the original cases and the original gray power cable. The ARP 2600 is considered the absolute benchmark in compact analog semi-modular synthesis. Extremely versatile, and capable of producing a seemingly indefinite amount of both classic and modern synth sounds, the 2600 has become the standard by which other synths are measured.

Played, and made famous, by a veritable who’s who of modern music, the ARP 2600 can be heard on albums by: John Lennon, Stevie Wonder, Joy Division, Kraftwerk, Frank Zappa, Herbie Hancock, Steve Miller, The Beastie Boys, Cat Stevens, The Who, Depeche Mode, U2, and an ever-expansive alumnus of artists whom have featured this amazing synth in their music.

Though not in pristine cosmetic condition, this is a fantastic original specimen for a player looking to acquire a fully functional unit. It was recently purchased from the original owner, who actually owned 3 different 2600s, and was maintained and serviced by him throughout his lengthy ownership.

There are no modifications, no repairs, no breaks, and no missing pieces. Some of the fastening hardware was possibly replaced with alternate washers, otherwise, all of the important sliders, slider tips, modules, etc., are entirely original. The 3620 keyboard is in great shape, works perfectly, and has nicely aligned tempered action.

This early-production second version of the 2600 features the coveted 4012 filter which copied Moog’s patented ladder-filter design, later ending in a legal dispute which forced ARP to change their faulty 4072 filters in 1977.