1973 Gibson L6-S

This is a vintage 1973 Gibson L6-S Custom electric guitar. This particular example, serial number 129288, is in nice all original condition and includes the original case. In very clean 100% all original condition, this well-preserved 1st year production L6-S is akin to those which have sold for upward of $1,200.00 on eBay in the recent past. Endorsed and played by Keith Richards, Carols Santana, and Al Di Meola during the ’70s, this model has since been revitalized as a versatile guitar qualified for numerous genres.

Serial Number: 129288
Pot Codes: 1377335
Weight: 8 lbs 4 oz

Made entirely of maple, this “workingman’s L-5” was a rather abstract interpretation of the legendarily crafted Gibson masterpiece. Designed in conjunction with input from Bill Lawrence, it was created to be a low-budget competitor without sacrificing advanced tonal options. The Super-Humbuckers are great sounding on their own, but the Varitone-style 6-way rotary switch enlists a diverse catalog of sounds. The Schaller “Harmonica” tune-o-matic and Grover tuning machines render the best possible intonation.

With evidence of light playing wear on the fretboard, and general fading of the natural finish, the guitar is otherwise in excellent shape. The playability is fantastic, the action is as low as it gets, and the guitar feels great.