1973 Deagan Model 582 Traveler Vibraphone

This is a vintage 1973 Deagan Model 582 Traveler vibraphone/vibraharp. This particular example, serial number 18307, is in extremely excellent cosmetic condition and is completely intact. This high-quality vibraphone is extremely rare and highly practical for both recording studios and touring musicians.

-3 octave F3 – F6
-A = 440
-Variable speed motor for vibrato serial # A8108, dated 11/73
-1 1/2″ thick aluminum bars

This vibraphone sounds beautiful, and all of the tone bars are in perfect structural condition. The original back frame is in near mint shape, as is most of the hardware too. The motor was working fine until recently, and while it seemed to be related to the power chord, I wasn’t able to resolve the issue. So as of now, the Vibraharp is being sold without a functional motor mechanism. It could be a contact, could be a solder joint, as of this point, I have no idea.