1973 Colorsound Overdriver

This is a vintage 1973 Colorsound Overdriver overdrive/distortion/boost guitar pedal. Nearly identical to the rare late-1960s Colorsound Power Boost, this is the amazing pedal made famous by Jeff Beck on “Blow by Blow.” This skinny, gun metal gray, box produces the most lyrical and musical distortion/overdrive tone ever achieved. It has since been copied and reissued, but nothing sounds as good as the original.

As mentioned, the elusive Colorsound Power Boost was made for a very limited time, and it seems it was replaced with the Overdriver in the early 1970s. The Power Boost enjoys a reputation as being one of David Gilmours secret weapons, in fact, he supposedly owns a size-able collection of those made in 1969.

The Overdriver is every bit as good as the Power Boost, and it sounds unbelievably great. It also serves a unique function, in that, it is not quite as precocious as a similar era ToneBender fuzz, nor is it as subdued as an Ibanez Tube Screamer. And it doesn’t really fit in between: it is something quite different.

It produces singing sustain without limiting dynamics with compression, offers grainy overdrive without too much sizzle and splatter, and is able to achieve both an intimate tonal enhancement all the way to a fury of textured musical fluff.

This pedal is in very excellent all original condition. There are no modifications, no repairs, and no issues. The interior of the box is stamped “13 SEP 1973,” and the pots and caps are also dated 1973.